How many of the 10 most famous Disney characters ever known, do you know?

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How many of the 10 most famous Disney characters ever known, do you know?

Aug. 04, 2022

How many of the 10 most famous Disney characters ever known, do you know?

10. Princess Rapunzel

Good and cheerful lee is vicious selfish witch ge duo tower in the forest, the only one with her company is a chameleon named pascal, her golden hair has a powerful power, but also brought a heavy crisis for her, then Eugene into changed her fate, Eugene led her to find their own dreams, also harvest a happy love. This beautiful character comes from the hit movie, Tangled. Rapunzel's hair has magic, they glow and can heal the injured.

9. Elsa and Anna

The frozen Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are mixed hot and cold characters. Why it hot and cold? Well, Elsa has a power of beauty, which is not considered by the world. With just one gesture, she can freeze everything. And Anna's blood is boiling. "Let it go" by Demi Lovato) is an inspirational song from the film "Frozen" that depicts Elsa's role in the film and how she exerts her power by building a snow-capped castle and a frozen kingdom of her own.

8. Prince Charming

The character is a perfect combination of charm and beauty. As a love of Cinderella, Prince Charming is a keen observer and admirer of beauty and kindness. In the movie Cinderella, Prince Charming marries Cinderella and protects her all her life.

7. Maleficessen

Maleficon (Angelina Jolie) is a beautiful and pure young fairy with wings, growing in a peaceful and peaceful forest kingdom. However, the good time is always short, the kingdom was suddenly invaded by the human army, Malinficessen gradually grew into the guardian of the forest in the battle, but also suffered a ruthless betrayal, from then on her heart began to become cold, the mind only the idea of revenge. In revenge, she cursed the daughter of the human king, Aurora; but as Aurora grew up, Malinficen gradually realized that the little princess —— could bring not only bring peace for both worlds, but perhaps real happiness.

6. Olaf

My name is Olaf, and I love a warm hug."Olaf is the most adorable character that a Disney lover can value. It belongs to the warm-heart movie, Frozen. He is actually a snowman who, by his very nature, will begin to melt near the fire or any warmth."Some people deserve melting" is our Olaf. In the movie Frozen, Olaf is always cheerful. He inspires Elsa, helps her, and is her supporter. Olaf is sometimes rejected, but he doesn't care. Great, isn't it?

5. Aladdin

When the word "Aladdin" appeared, only children in the'90s could see the huge vision of flying blankets, elves, and magic oil lamps. Aladdin "Aladdin is a fictional character from the magical fantasy film" Aladdin ". He was a poor boy who had picked up an oil lamp. No, not the ordinary oil lamp, what Aladdin found is the one that you rub with your hands, and there will be an elf to help you achieve 3 good wishes. As Jasmine enters the picture, Aladdin wants to become king and follows. He was going to marry this pretty woman. Aladdin's character is different from the other Disney male characters, because he balances things perfectly, and his goals are very clear. Aladdin is perhaps the most witty character, and we remember him as always sitting on a flying carpet, and of course in his hippie pants.

4. Donald Duck

the cry of a baby! Donald Duck is a cartoon character with an orange mouth, slender feet, and cute legs. Yes, his appearance is a little strange, but his loveliness cannot be compared to seriousness. He wore a sailor shirt, hat, and bow tie. He is well known for his speech. He was really witty, but the words were a little caustic at times. The Donald Duck comic section is very famous. Our sly ducks appear in many movies, such as Fantasia 2000, Three Musketeers, etc. Interesting facts The super-con man Disney character is known to be inspired by the Australian cricket legend 'Donald Bradman'.

3. Ariel

"The Little Mermaid," we all know her. Ariel was born in the water, and that was her place. The 16-year-old bubble mermaid may not always be happy with her blue world, always wants to explore the human world. She often goes to the sea to see human life. Scuttle, a seagull who is her informant, collects information about the human world. She breaks the rules of staying in the water and falls in love with a prince. She has made herself human because of her belief in humanity. She faced a storm, disgust, embarrassment, etc, but her love for Prince Eric and her belief in her dreams make it all look worthwhile.

2. Snow White

So here ends the place where it all started. How inspiring this Disney character is, just wow! Snow White is the most popular and the first Disney character. Snow White's story begins when Her Highness the Queen sits at the window with her fingers pricked on the needle when it snows. Three drops of blood fell on the just-falling snow. Then the queen wanted to have a beautiful daughter, with red lips, white skin, and ebony hair. Guess what? Her wish got a beautiful snowy princess, but the Queen had to say goodbye to Snow White and the world. Snow White was so beautiful that her stepmother unbearable and tried every means to kill her. She explores the world to escape the threats and meet amazing people. Her yellow and blue robes were the famous costumes she displayed.

1. Mickey Mouse

Last and best of —— Mickey, our childhood candy has many games depicting this little, cute and funny Disney character. It all started in the early'90s, when Mickey was often seen in comics and newspapers. Also seen in the park is Mickey and his better half of Minnie. She is world-famous for her beautiful dress and pink bows. The latest cartoon plot featuring Mickey is "Get a Horse" in 2013. Mickey is also the focus of many series, such as the "The Mickey Mouse Works, The Three Musketeers, Donald, the Mickey Mouse Club".

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